Client-Centred Therapy

is funded on the belief that each client is the expert of their own life. Through validation. Listening and empathy, the client is supported to explore whatever issues they bring to session

Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy​ (CBT)

is goal oriented, and clients are supported to examine the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Clients would be supported to identify unhelpful patterns of behaviour of thinking styles. Clients would learn new ways of copying and solving problems, changing irrational thinking and replacing unhealthy behaviours with new ones

Narrative Therapy

focuses on helping clients re-telling stories, events and experiences by allowing them to explore more realistic alternative perspectives to the issue. Clients would make sense of change and adjust to new situations

Systems Theory

People are not isolated individuals but operate as part of a wider networks or “systems” such as family or friends, groups (e.g. schools or work). Difficulties may arise if there is a lack of fit between the person and the systems they operate within

Family Systems Therapy

defines the family unit as a complex social system, in which members interact to influence each other’s behaviour. An individual’s functioning is determined by their place in the system in which they find themselves subjects to the pushes and pulls of the system. It provides a space of honesty, empathy and adjustment that can benefit each family member, provides a fundamental attention for building, and maintain strong, supportive relationships. Patterns of interactions between family members create, maintain, and perpetuate both problematic and non-problematic behaviours

Gottman Method of Couples Therapy

is a research-based intervention aiming to improve verbal communication, increase intimacy, respect and affection, overcome conflict barriers, and create a sense of empathy and understanding within relationships. It focusses on developing understanding and skills, so that partners can maintain fondness and admiration, turn towards each other to get their needs met, manage conflicts, and enact their dreams.