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Counselling is a professional and collaborative relationship between the counsellor and the client aiming to assist people dealing with stressful life experiences by making use of environmental and personal resources to make desired changes in their life. Counsellors assist people identify goals and potential solutions to their problems. Counsellors seek to improve communication and coping skills, increase self-esteem, promote behaviour change, mental health and well being of people. 

There are times in people’s life when they may need assistance and support to navigate issues that cause them emotional distress and feel overwhelmed. When people experience difficulties in their life, they may benefit from the assistance and support of a counsellor who offers caring and expert help.

People are unique and possess different coping mechanisms to deal with their problems. Some people need short term counselling (a few sessions), while others may benefit from long term counselling (several sessions). Some insurance companies may limit the number of counselling sessions for which they pay for. You should check with your extended health plan to find out more about any limitations in your coverage.

Social workers work with individuals and families within the context of “systems”. They view people’s problems in context of family and society. Social workers use a biopsychosocial approach by looking a the individual in a context that includes biological, psychological and social perspectives. This means that all aspects of the individual are important and contribute to his personal and social growth, and functioning.  

Social workers pay attention to the environmental factors (e.g. poverty, difficulties in relationship, domestic violence, lack of appropriate support, substance misuse, etc.), which may impact an individual or family. 

Social workers are not required to charge GST for their service. Hence, you do not have to pay GST for my services.

I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation. I am happy to see if we are a good fit.